Thursday, January 17, 2008

Union Opposes the Clarett Group's Asbestos Removal at 340 Court St.

As reported on Curbed, Brooklyn Streets, Carroll Gardens and other blogs, Laborers' Local 78 has put up an inflatable rat and distributed flyers around the 340 Court St. site. The union is protesting Clarett's choice to use non-union workers to perform the dangerous asbestos abatement project. Their flyers encourage members of the neighborhood to call Veronica Hackett, the co-founder of Clarett Group, and urge her to employ union workers in order to ensure that such projects as asbestos removal is done safely and legally.

Neighbors of the site also question Clarett's apparent illegal use of a nearby fire hydrant. Some of their waste bins are also taking up parking space on Union St.

A complaint was put into 311 last night because work on the asbestos removal was being done after 12:00 AM, conflicting with Clarett's promise to work only during acceptable, legal hours. Here is a copy of the complaint as posted on the DOB website:

We have been trying to keep a controlled response to The Clarett Group's efforts at 340 Court St. in hopes of having a productive dialogue about safety and the outcome of the development. The Union's protest today has raised new levels of fear about the asbestos removal and general construction safety, along with all the issues around proper notification.

We have received many emails and calls about this important asbestos removal, along with numerous complaints about the open fire hydrant and blocked parking spots without proper permits on Union St. We know many calls were made to 311 today.

We are currently drafting a letter to Clarett requesting direct meaningful dialogue between USBA and Clarett Group about all these issues. Today's event highlight the immediate need for this dialogue.

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