Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to those who attended the meeting on Saturday. We may have underestimated the amount and degree of concern in the neighborhood about the 340 Court St. development. 37 new members signed the attendance list and in total, there were over 50 concerned atendees.

Using the varied talents of Union-Sackett Block Association members, we have formed three important committees that have already begun to work towards our collective goals. We have established a Core Committee, which is responsible for shaping our goals and message, a Safety Committee, which will directly address issues of demolition and construction at 340 Court St., and a Communications Committee, which will help keep the neighborhood and media informed.

If you have an interest or want to make a contribution to these committees, please email the USBA at Check the blog for updates from each commitee over the next few weeks before our next meeting on February 9th.

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