Monday, January 28, 2008

Responses to Daily News Article

Thanks to all those who responded to the Daily News article, both on the site and elsewhere. Here is a response that we found particularly interesting and relevant:

As a resident of Carroll Gardens Landmark Condominium, located in a converted church on Court Street about 150 feet away from the Claret site and protected by national Landmark status, it is quite disturbing to know that our 1868 stained glass windows will be subjected to the violent vibrations of the nearby construction site. These delicate stained glass windows are an irreplaceable part of this community's history, and while it is painful to know that listing on the National Register of Historic Places does not seem to provide any protections against nearby construction, it speaks volumes that the developers are so unfamiliar and out-of-touch with our neighborhood as to even make the effort to care. The historic structures in close proximity to this construction site should be pro-actively protected by these developers to insure that they remain important links to the past in our unique neighborhood fabric.

Jay A. Lubow

Senior Principal

Applied Design Initiative, LLC

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Anonymous said...

Jay it could be important for you to document by photographing the windows and other part of your building in advance of more heavy construction so you can point to before and after if, God for bid, you do have damage from nearby construction.