Monday, January 7, 2008

Asbestos Removal at 340 Court St.

I'm sure some of you have not only noticed the garbage at 340 Court St., but also the taped windows and curious device in the parking lot. Deanna R. Bitetti, District Representative of the Office of U.S. Representative Yvette D. Clarke, confirmed today that this is indeed evidence of asbestos removal. In response to an e-mail sent by Union-Sackett Block Association member, Vincent Joseph, Ms. Bitetti wrote:

Dear Vince,

The response I received was:

Yes, the air monitoring was related to the asbestos abatement. They began asbestos abatement last week and that work will continue for a couple more weeks. Demolition activity should begin after that -towards the end of the month.

Also, on another topic: There was a concern about increased rodent activity during demolition. Their contractor has agreed to put additional rodent baiting in neighboring properties' basements if theyare requested and this is available to any neighbors who might want it.


Deanna R. Bitetti, District Representative

Office of U.S. Representative Yvette D. Clarke

Brooklyn District Office

Although word seems to have gotten out about the asbestos abatement, there are no visisble permits posted on the building and I question the legality of this. A phonecall and complaint will be put into 311 tonight and I will post any updates.


Anonymous said...

There is no requirement to post permits for asbestos abatement work. We have received all appropriate approvals from DEP for the work that is currently going on.

David Lowin
The Clarett Group

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lowen - thanks for posting. How about a little good neighborliness regarding all the trash? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

LOWIN, that is. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

We saw the report on Pardon Me for Asking and have instructed our contractor to clean up the trash.

David Lowin
The Clarett Group

mike said...

Today, Jan. 21 and yesterday workers have been on the roof after legal work hours, 8:30pm, wearing protection gear and expensive breathing masks working without light in windy conditions. Scary! I live within a 200ft radius and have cracks in the walls of my living room resulting directly from the excavation activities.

Anonymous said...

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