Wednesday, January 2, 2008

CGNA Meeting Announcment

The next Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association meeting will be held on Monday, January 14th at Scotto's Funeral Home, located on 106 1st Place at Court.

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vincent joseph said...

Although it seems Clarret will do a high quality development, it is NOT IN CONTEXT with our neighborhood simply by being too large and especially too tall. I would hope that the Union-Sackett Block Association and the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association will continue to try to convince Clarret that they cannot market their building as long as it threatens precisely that which is its appeal: the neighborhood. Much of the appeal for prospective buyers is the wonderful character of our neighborhood, which ironically, they will be upsetting, not joining. I believe we need to join forces with CORD and others who oppose out-of-context and over-development.
This will not be the last building that will offend the character of the neighborhood. We need to have a sensible and consistent opposition to development. So far the elected officials do not understand how this and other buildings, although "as of right," are very wrong.

The change we need to make must be actualized through community organization. If we unite we can apply greater pressure economically, politically and civically.