Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Latest Letter to the Clarett Group

June 17, 2008

Mr. Dan Hollander

Vice President

The Clarett Group

79 Madison Avenue 17th Floor

New York, New York 10016

Dear Mr. Hollander;

We are writing to you today on behalf of the South Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance (SoBNA) and Union-Sackett Block Association, a member of the Alliance.Part of our mission is to work with developers to help incorporate community input into new development projects. Since attending the public presentation of 340 Court Street, now known as "The Collection", we have been fervently hoping that the Clarett Group would agree to meeting with a small group of community leaders including representatives from the Union Sackett Block Association to discuss the design.

Baltic & Warren Neighbors, a group within SoBNA, has had a very successful ongoing working relationship with L&M Development Partners in regards to the Columbia-Hicks Project, a new residential development planned in the Columbia Waterfront Neighborhood. Ron Moelis, a principal in L&M Development Partners, has said on several occasions that the Columbia-Hicks project benefited from community involvement and in turn was a better development project as a whole.

We understand the Columbia- Hicks Project had to go through the ULURP process because of the zoning changes involved and that 340 Court Street is an "as of right" project. However, wouldn't it be beneficial for all if the community welcomed this new building wholeheartedly into Carroll Gardens?

We urge you to reconsider, we believe by holding this meeting you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We would be very pleased to meet with you in a small group at your earliest convenience and prior to the meeting we would be happy to provide you with an agenda.

We look forward to hearing from you,


Elizabeth Lind


South Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance/SoBNA

· Baltic & Warren Neighbors

· Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association, Inc.

· Cobble Hill Association

· Columbia Waterfront Neighborhood Association

· Committee for the Historic Integrity of Cobble Hill

· C.O.R.D.

· Hoyt Street Alliance

· South Brooklyn Local Development Corporation

· Union Sackett Block Association