Thursday, May 8, 2008

USBA Monthly Meeting Saturday, May 10th 11:30 AM

Monthly Meeting:

This Saturday, May 10th 11:30 AM
Meeting Room of the Carroll Gardens Branch of the Public Library
Corner of Union and Clinton Sts.

Agenda items:

1. Re-Cap wide streets amendment hearing from May 7th

2. Carroll Gardens downzoning update

3. Report on a meeting at Councilman De Blasio's office attended by Core Members of the USBA, during which development issues and our continued neighborhood involvement was discussed.

4. Discussion about the USBA's request for a limited extension of the Cobble Hill landmark district into a small section of Carroll Gardens.

This should be a short meeting unless we should hear from Clarett before hand. The biggest item will be our introduction of the issue of landmarking in Carroll Gardens.

Thank you.

****Note to any of our elected officials or aides: please do not feel any obligation to be at his meeting; we really do hope to make it short and we know that you have had a lot this week. You are very appreciated.

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