Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SoBNA Letter to CB6 Land Use Committee Chair

This is the letter to be presented on behalf of SoBNA (South Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance) to the Land Use committee chair on Thursday night at the CB 6 meeting at 250 Baltic at 6:00pm.
April 21, 2008

Mr. Richard Bashner, Chair
Community Board Six
250 Baltic Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Dear Mr. Bashner:

Please allow us to introduce ourselves; we are the South Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance, a new coalition dedicated to bringing community planning to our neighborhoods. Our goal is to build a model where residents, small businesses, elected officials, city government and developers work in common to plan how our neighborhoods prepare for the future. We are local residents and members of civic groups in the CB6 catchment area from the Columbia Waterfront to the Gowanus Canal.

A zoning text amendment has been introduced by the City Council to City Planning for Carroll Gardens. It is designed to protect the blocks of First, Second, Third and Fourth Place from Henry to Smith Streets, and extending to Second, Carroll and President Streets between Smith and Hoyt Streets. The text amendment would re-classify those blocks as "narrow" streets as laid out in the original plans of 1846. We believe it is imperative that the improper wide-street designation be changed to protect the openness of the signature front gardens for which Carroll Gardens is named.

We support this zoning text amendment as a proactive measure, which will allow for harmonious new development while preserving and enhancing the brownstone community that is Carroll Gardens. We urge both our advisory and elected representatives -our Community Board members and the Brooklyn Borough President to join with the Department of City Planning and the City Council to approve and implement this text amendment with all expedience.


Elizabeth Lind
South Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance

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