Thursday, December 13, 2007

Summary of the 12/10/07 Community Meeting

1. The 340 Court (ILA) site was sold by Beth Israel Hospital (for LICH, one of 5 members of this consortium) to the Clarett Group this fall for $23.5M

2. No public announcement by Clarett to indicate what they will build on the site to date. Lots of conjecture based articles in Crains, local papers, blogs,etc. on their recent projects in downtown Brooklyn, etc.

3. Clarett activity: Anticipating the community's need to know, local electeds met with Clarett reps. Although the private meetings were acknowledged, the info released indicated only that Clarett was going to apply for "quality housing" under current zoning, which means a squat construction on the whole site rather than a needle. Demands for public exchange of info with electeds and Clarett yet unresolved.Steady site prep by sub contractors has included clearing the surface, borings, jackhammering,use of heavy equipment, late night work (etc.-add on here). These actions have produced rat sightings in neighboring yards, water pressure problems, vibrations and resulting cracks in walls and foundations of adjacent homes.

4. Actions taken by residents: calls to the Clarett Group, complaints to 311, calls to local elected officials, appeals to local civic groups for support, networking within the surrounding blocks, forming block associations and presenting issues to the media. Photos of site activity posted on local blogs.

5. Responses: Clarett has responded to the complaints of one neighbor demanding redress for property damage due to site activity. Local electeds have continued the dialogue with Clarett and residents, promising a public meeting. Neighbors have built a network of information and support within the community and are planning actions.

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